Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day Two: Clay Sculpting and Set Design

Today we began to create our characters and sets.  Kids got to use their imaginations to create their vision of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

There were about 10 children and 5 parents and 1 grandparent.  Parent involvement is such an important ingredient in the success of this project, and I appreciate the support for the children as well as the project.

One of the challenges I have found with the first week of sessions is that the first session time isn't filling up.  Speaking to some of the parents with kids in that age group, it isn't a convenient time.  I have decided to bring the two groups together and am adapting the classes to accept both age groups at the 3pm session.  This works especially for the parents who have children in both age groups to attend an "all in one" session. We have also adapted to a larger space to accommodate more children per session.  We have a nice group of regular children who are attending and participating.  Next week we will begin to work on our scenes and narration on the movie. 

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